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Custom Design

When we say "Custom" we mean Custom!
Our products are built to last for generations.


Quality Home Remodeling

No matter how big or small your job is, We are here to service you.



Adding on to you home? We'd like to help.



Home Renovations & Home Improvement. Whether its a Historic Home or a Modern Home. We got you covered.


We Are Unmatched

We strive for your business, therefore we are extremely competitive. Keystate Homes promises to match and beat anyone’s cost plus price on home building, as long as it is within Northeast Ohio. Find out more on how you can save by building with us. Our mission is to deliver high quality homes, at the best price with a personalized touch. We believe you should live freely – after all, it is your dream home.

Keystate Homes believes in community. That’s why with every home we build, we donate to Habitat for Humanity.   We pride ourselves on putting customers and community first – after all, we are building and giving back to our  community.

We Create Happiness

No matter your project, whether it is building a custom home, adding an addition or remodeling, Keystate Homes is here for you. Your project is a process and our team is there to ensure everything is fine tuned down to the last detail. Our goal is to build dream homes for happy satisfied customers. Our in house team, which includes an Architect/Designer, an Urban Planner and a Project Manger, will lead you from the pre-construction phase all the way to completion. Keystate Homes’ talented team will answer your questions and make sure you are satisfied with your overall home building experience.

Our Process


Understanding your Dreams and Goals. Keystate Homes’ team works with you to establish an understanding of your needs and goals. We want you to trust us and establish a long lasting relationship well beyond your home building process. With several processes from which to choose, our team will carefully review the  processes of home building. Our Architect/Designer and Project Manager directly work with you to better understand your goals, budget, location and exclusive style to build your dream project.

  • Setting Your Goals
  • Understanding Your Budget
  • Gaining Insight/Discovering Your Location
  • Appreciating Your Exclusive Style and Needs

Step 2: Pre-Construction

Establishing Approvals and Design Process. During this phase our team will work with all contractors, municipal officials and supply showrooms to get your project ready for construction. We design your project and give you 3D renderings of what your home will look like prior to construction.  Together we will make decisions before making costly changes during construction.

  • Producing Blueprints and Renderings
  • Bidding Out Contractors
  • Gaining Entitlements
  • Touring Supply Showrooms One on One

Step 3: Construction

Actually Building your Project.  During this phase our team will manage all contractors, municipal officials and supplies coming to the construction site. Our quality tradesmen work hard to accurately and skillfully fufill your project goals. Our team constantly communicates updates and progress reports on your project, keeping you involved on your dream project.

  • Managing Your Project
  • Protecting Your Goals
  • Acting Sustainable

Step 4: Move In

Preparing your Home for Move In.  Our goal is to get you into your new home at least 190 days after the start of construction! Your move in day is special ~ our team walks through your home with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied, answering any questions and handling any last minute changes. Your first impression of your home is the most important.

  • Scheduling A Final Walk Through
  • Answering Questions
  • Making Last Minute Changes

Step 5: Establishing A Relationship For Life

Guaranteeing your Satisfaction!  Keystate Homes’ name and reputation means everything! We pride ourselves on building you the best quality home ~ your dream home. We value you as a customer ~ you mean everything to us. Although we wish we can have you as a returning customer, we hope your home satisfies your needs for the rest of your life. As always, each residential project is provided with a warranty. We promise to always support you any way we can!

  • Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction
  • Gaining you as a referal
  • Warranting your home


 Are you ready to get started on your home?

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