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What is Sustainable Building?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Building is defined as the practice of creating and using processes that environmentally responsible and resource -efficient throughout a building’s life cycle from sitting to design, construction, operation, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.  This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green Building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.

What Type of Green Building is Right For You?

Did you know that their are many types of Green Homebuilding? Keystate Homes offers a varity of Green Homebuilding Services. If our clients chose to Build Green Green leaf, our process begins with educating our clients on the various standards of Green Building. When our clients chose the right standard for their project, we engage professionals who are knowledgeable and educated in that organizations professional Green standards. Regardless, if you chose to build to a specific Green standard, Keystate Homes always build’s with sustainability in mind. We have pledged to make our homes Energy Star Efficient.  – After all, We want our homes to be sustainable for generations to come.



Green Building Organizations and Standards


This is the standard of Green Home Building that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established. Energy Star requires builders to take a pledge before the can start building Energy Star Certified Homes. The Energy Star program requires independent energy star experts to review and consult the builder from initial blue prints to final walk through. The EPA periodically modifies the Energy Star guidelines to ensure the Energy Star label represents a meaningful improvment to any new construction home. Energy Star standards were established in 1995 and continue to be a extremely ligitamate standard for Green Home Building. Energy Star is committed to Lowering Cost of Consumption, Enhancing Performance, and Limiting Environmental Impact.  Keystate Homes is an Energy Star Builder Partner, and one of only a few builders in Northeast Ohio that pledges to build to the Energy Star standards.



The National Green Building Standards (NGBS), are the Green Building Standards, and guidelines established by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Green Construction Code (IGCC).  These standards were first established in 2007.  The Standards have since been updated, with its latest edition published in 2012. This residential Green Building Standard address not only new construction, but also additions and home remodeling.  This code is specifically useful for descovering sustainable lot selection and lot design. Keystate homes beilives in this code, and recognizes it as one of the most beneficial codes on sustainability, specifically because of its resources on additions, and renovations. Keystate Homes works with professional partners who are certified and familiar with this code. If you chose to build your home to this type of Green Building standard our crews and team are here to help make that happen.


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), manages and developed Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is one of the strongest standards in the consturction industry. A LEED Certified Home can be extremely extremely costly. The USGBC was founded in 1993 and uses LEED as a set rating system for Green Building.  LEED Homes incorporates principals such as clean indoor air quality, safe building materials, and energy efficiency. Even though achieving  a LEED certification for a new home can be costly. Keystate homes, provided services in which our clients work with LEED Associates who are LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our professionals can go over the these standards and incorporate them when design, and constructing your home.


Build It Green, is a smaller Green Standard organization based in California.  Build it Green was established in 2005 and supports increase awareness of Green Building practices among real estate professionals. Build it Green has established the GreenPoint Rated system. The Green Point label rating system is conducted by a third party rater.  The Green Point label system is awarded across five different categories. These categories are Energy Efficiency, Resource Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Community, and Water Conservation. Green Point Label system rates everything from New Construction, Remodeling, and Additions. Although, Build It Green has standards are lessor known then Energy Star or LEED, Build it Green is widely used for Green Building in California.  If Build It Green and it’s Green Point Label Standards are what you want for your home, Keystate Homes and its professionals are here to help.


EarthCraft Green Building Standards were established in 1999. EarthCraft Green Building Standards are particularilty popular within in the Southwest part of the United States. EarthCraft has several programs with in its suite of Green Building standards. EarthCraft is know for it’s standards in Residential Homebuilding, Renovations, Community Development, and Multi-Family Development. EarthCraft incorporates Energy Star regulations into its certification process. The EarthCraft rating system looks to address and maximze the best suited sustainability measures a builder can make before a project begins. Much like its competitor rating systems EarthCraft works to address proper site planning, energy efficiency through appliances and lighting, resource efficient building materials, indoor air quality, and water conservation. EarthCraft trains special inspectors to evaluate, inspect, sites to ensure compliance, before giving an EarthCraft Certification. Although this Green Building Standard is not particularly popular in the midwest. Keystate Homes gives customers a choice to build their home to these standards if they chose. Keystate homes once again will work with you and the proper EarthCraft professionals to make sure your home meets this certification.


Enterprise Green Community Standards, was established in 2009 by Enterprise Community Partners. Enterprise Green Community Criteria is grouped into 8 different categories. These categories are, Integrative Design, Locational and Neighborhood Fabric, Site Improvements, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Materials Beneficial to the Environment, Healthy Living Environment, Operations and Maintenance.  Although their are serveral difference Green Building Standards,  Enterprise Green Community Standards provided information comparing their standards to other Green Building organizations. Their website provides a lot of information to help educate those who are looking to build to a certain Green Building organizations standard. Keystate Homes understands Enterprise Green Community Standards. We chose to offer our experts knowledge and experitse if you chose to build to Enterprise Green Community Standards.

Keystate Homes is proud to offer the resources and experts needed to make your homebuilding project a sustainable success. With all the choices out there our goal is help you chose the best option right for you. Regardless of what Green Building Standard is right for your project, Keystate Homes always builds with community and sustainability in mind.




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